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•   Janet Burnside (Hawkins)  7/26
•   Bill Truitt  6/26
•   Larry Goodman  6/26
•   Bob Broun (Brown)  6/25
•   Sandra Hipkins (Dutton)  5/23
•   Betty Doe (Jones)  3/9
•   Janice Woodall (Sumpter)  1/21
•   Bob Stevenson  4/27
•   Micky Lang  4/26
•   Cheryl Gibson (Pogner)  12/3
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Norwood High School
Class Of 1962









We'd like to get an idea of who would be interested in doing something for our 60th year.  Send us your thoughts please to:

Class of 1962 Reunion Weekend 

We are planning a 60th class reunion for the class of l962 to be held on Thursday, October 13.,2022,   Depending on your feed back,  it  could be  light  brunch   and gathering in the Alumni Room, before a  Dinner Cruise  or late  afternoon Dinner   other suggestions?    Details still being discussed.  In trying to keep the cost reasonable , what  price range would you prefer we work with?  Per person $50  '$65    $75  ?  

 The Norwood Distinguished Hall of Fame  Event will be held the evening of October 14  reservations  are required    See additional  information  in   another area of Reflections  of  those being inducted . .We will have reserved tables for our '62 classmates who will be  attending  . The rest of the weekend can be spent visiting with family and friends.  

We need to know who and how many classmates are interested in attending, what your preference would be  and any contact information of other may have . 
 Please,  call or text Darlene Eads Hare at 513 967-0895 or send a note to her at 10626 Fincastle Winchester Rd., Winchester, OH 45697. or email Sharon Hofmann at 



The Grand Lady of Sherman Avenue
I took a slow walk around our old high school to look deeply into her soul and see what kind of vibrations I could feel as I looked at her carefully for the first time in my 70 years. I was amazed at the classic beauty of the building itself. The sunlight glistened off of Rookwood tiles that encircled her just below the bricks in her crown. Bas relief Gothic goddesses were the sentinels standing watch over the ramparts of the various entrances. The main stairway was wide and inviting as if welcoming to all…..
But then a voice seemed to say to me “Enter here at your own peril; for those who do will be forever changed.” I remembered that we met a Mr. Shakespeare who would teach us that “the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones-----so let it be with Caesar.” Later, we would be reading about the campaigns of Caesar------in Latin. In physics class we would be introduced to Isaac Newton--------then in math, we would be introduced to an invention of his------a form of mathematics called calculus.
My mind was racing a mile a minute as I realized how all of this classical form of education was integrated together to give the students a foundation to equip them to enter the world and be ready to become a part of society. And oh, how the students of Norwood High School assimilated into this world. We have had more than our share of doctors, lawyers, and other professional people. We have had pro athletes, movie stars, politicians, and educators at all levels. We have had artists, musicians, and theologians. Soldiers from NHS have bled on the beaches of the islands of the pacific, the coasts, mountains, and plains of Europe, the cold mountains of Korea, the waters, swamps, and highlands of Vietnam, and every military engagement right up to the present day. We have had captains of ships, aircraft pilots, tank commanders and every other job required by those who would answer the call of their country.
It was as if the building was trying to relay some deeper meaning to me----- as if in some symbolic way it was saying “I am not alive; but I give life. Each of my bricks when taken separately has no meaning. But stacked together, they provide an environment that gives purpose to chance.”
I walked away with a deeper respect and affection for my Alma Mater. May the grand lady of Sherman Avenue stand for another hundred years and touch and bless the lives of countless future generations.
William R. Wallace NHS’62